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Auditing & Assurance

We are always committed to deliver high-quality assurance services. We provide comprehensive audit and assurance services    to all our clients. This includes

Statutory Audit

We are well equipped and well experienced in Statutory Audits mandated under the provisions of company law, tax laws and other related laws. Client specific Audit Program is designed after assessment of all factors involved and meeting the standards and guidelines as recommended by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Tax Audits under Income Tax Act & KVAT Act

Audit of books of account of the Entity in accordance with the provisions of the Income tax laws of India and provide disclosures through specified formats within stipulated time schedules, so that; the assessee can submit the necessary reports with authorities on time. We undertake Audit under section 42 of the Kerala Value Added Tax Act, 2003 for dealers in Kerala and also for Branches of dealers/Companies outside Kerala.

Internal Audit

Our Internal Audit Team dislikes giving hefty audit reports to the clients, but they are very eager to help management in solving larger organizational issues and provide suggestions and support to the lines of business, management and the audit committee. We conduct reviews of existing controls of an organization and suggesting improvements thereon with a view to provide assurance as to the error free running of the business systems and Safeguarding of assets;Reliability and integrity of financial and operational information;Compliance with laws, regulations, and contracts and;Effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

Branch Audit

We undertake the Audit of Branches in Kerala of Companies, Partnership firms, Trusts, Societies, Banks, Financial Institutions, Public Sector Undertakings, and Proprietary Concerns, based on the provisions of the KVAT Act, Companies Act, Income tax and other relevant Acts. VAT Audit assignments are undertaken for interstate dealers for their branches in Kerala.

Management Audit

We undertake special purpose Audits on request by the management viz. reviewing special purpose accounts, investigate issues like suspected fraud, misappropriation, revenue leakage etc.

Compliance Services

We provide a wide array of services to organizations.We also assist clients in addressing identified compliance issues, interacting with regulatory authorities, and responding to inquiries, investigations and other regulatory actions. This include

Internal Control Reviews

We will conduct reviews of existing controls and then design and implement powerful and effective internal controls to help the management to meet compliance and accounting requirements. For internal control deficiencies identified, we can design practical action plans and assist the management of the organisation to implement them in an efficient and effective way. We also provide ongoing training to our client’s financial staff for developing and maintaining an efficient accounting system which records and reports transactions so as to meet all compliance requirements.

Assistance in Maintaining all Statutory Records Under Various Laws

We will assist in keeping your organization’s statutory records up-to-date. Such services include preparation of VAT Returns, Inventory Records, Service Tax Returns, Tax Deduction Matters, TDS returns, Income Tax Returns, EPF/ ESI Documentation and Returns, Employee Records, Statutory Records, Minutes, ROC Documentation and E-Filing etc.


We provide a full range of accounting services to small & mid size companies, especially for startups. We provide

Regular Accounting

To ensure the profitability of the business,the right and up-to-date financial data is inevitable. We help you to maintain the accounting records of your business at a fraction of the costs of a full-time accountant.We offer specifically tailored services to meet the varying need of different clients. We ensure compliance of all accounting standards and other laws in accounting your transactions. It’s also ensured that the jobs are completed within the deadlines.

Completion of Arrears of Accounts

We can complete in no time your irregular or incomplete accounting records and finalise the annual accounts so as to make it ready for the statutory audit or presentation before any authorities.

Inventory Records

We will maintain your inventory records up-to-date and error free so that easy reconciliation of values in inventory records and physical stock is enabled. We can help you in complying with VAT Rules and submitting accurate stock records with Revenue Authorities.

Setting Up and Maintenance of Accounting and Control System

We will help you in selection, designing, implementation, testing and maintenance of efficient and productive Accounting and Control System in your organization. Existing systems are redesigned or new ones are introduced only after conducting necessary reviews and study of the nature of business, transactions and all other relevant factors. Timely test checks and reviews of the system will be conducted to ensure its efficiency and effectiveness.

Integration of Accounting Systems

We can make a study on the feasibility of integration of your accounting systems and advise you to choose the best among various alternatives. We will work together with the Information Technology Experts in integration of your systems to lower the cost incurred and enhance efficiency and productivity in performance.

Undertaking outsourcing works from Abroad and within India

Outsourcing your accounting jobs to us frees you and your business resources to concentrate on core business activities. It makes you spent only a fraction of the cost of hiring an accounts staff. We will provide a complete hassle-free accounting back office support to your organization.Our highly skilled professionals give MIS reports to you in a pre-determined and periodic manner.


We provide taxation services based on innovative tax efficient strategies. We offer effective tax management, tax structuring and advisory services. This include

Tax Planning and Advisory

To ensure that you are not paying more than the legal obligation, you have to consider tax implications before you make business decisions. Our tax advisory and compliance service helps you to structure your business transactions in a way that complies fully with tax regulations and avoid penalties, disallowances of expenditures, interest for delays/non compliances etc. We help our clients to minimize tax liability with the provisions of law, not resorting to tax avoidance or evasion.

Direct Tax – Income Tax and Wealth Tax

We offer Direct Taxation Services like Income Tax Return Preparation and Filing, Wealth Tax Return Preparation and Filing, Drafting and Filing of Appeals & Petitions, Representation before Authorities for Scrutiny Cases and other Hearings. We offer complete services in Tax Deduction at Source Matters such as; Calculation of TDS, TDS Return filing, issuing Form 16, 16A, 26QB etc.

International Taxation

Our experts in International taxation can provide you with the necessary proactive advice and support on the International aspects of Tax Laws and International Tax Treaties. We will solve the issues of our clients regarding Repatriation of Profits, Cross Border Taxation, Income Tax Treaties etc.

Transfer Pricing Studies

We will conduct proper study on transfer pricing on each international transaction under the specified methods to evaluate inter-company transfer pricing policies and to maintain the pricing as within the Arm’s Length Price. We help our clients to design inter-company transfer pricing policies adopted in sound business approach and well-established similar industry’s principles.

Indirect Taxes – Service Tax and VAT

We offer Indirect Taxation Services like VAT Registration, Works Contract Registration, Service Tax Registration, Modification or Amendments in Registration, Registration of Dealer Branches and Godowns for Companies outside Kerala, Regular VAT and Service Tax Consultancy and Advises, VAT, Works Contract, Service Tax Return Preparation and Filing, VAT and Service Tax Assessments, Preparation of Appeals and Petitions, Representation before Authorities for Scrutiny Cases and other Hearings.

Management Consultancy

Our management consultancy services help in achieving sustainable efficiency improvement on operations for our clients. They include

Corporate Planning & Policy Formulation

We assist in the interpretation of your financial records and reports to help improve your profitability. We analyze your item wise expenses to control unnecessary outflow and leakages, and advice policies to increase profitability and explore opportunities.

Registrations & Approvals

We provide services related to Company Incorporation, Partnership Firm Registration, Trust Registration, Society Registration, Chitty Registration, Corporation/Municipal/Panchayat Registration, VAT/Service Tax Registration etc. We ensure that the correct information is submitted before the Registering Authorities and our peculiarity is very fast processing and getting the registrations or approval with less time. It means that we value your time and supports you to start your venture as soon as possible.

Financial Management

We analyze the ratios form your financial reports to forecast the future performance and suggest cost efficient fund raising alternatives which will minimize cost, risk and meet the financial requirement of business at the right time. We can suggest you the best investment option among various alternatives after conducting profitability studies under different methods. We assist in raising finance from various options like Inter-Corporate Deposits, Terms loans, Working Capital Limits, etc and suggest best measure to reduce the interest liability. We alarm you about sensitive losses which can endanger the going concern of the business.

Project Reports and Loan Facilitation

We prepare project reports, financial forecasts, CMA Data and other reports detailing the financial viability of the proposals. We can assist you in negotiations with financiers and present your proposals before them in a highly professional manner.

Assistance to Avail Government Grants, Subsidies etc.

We kept ourselves up-to-date about the finance and other policies of the Governments and Local Bodies which may do well to your business. We assist to find Grants, Subsidies, Special Schemes etc that are available for your business. We helps you to complete the procedures and compliance requirements to get such grants or benefits.


We provide timely and accurate payroll services while ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and policies. This include

Payroll Processing

By Payroll processing, we help in ensuring payments to employees are accurately and timely met with the correct withholdings and deductions being remitted timely.

Income Tax Calculation

Guidance in tax planning including the timing of incomes and best investment selection options as well as filing status and other common deductions for your employees.

Statutory Compliances

We support organization for compliances or adherence to the existing statutes or related laws and regulations of the organization, namely PF, ESI, Professional Taxes etc.


Guidance regarding the deduction and payment of Tax to be deducted from employee salary and assistance in filing of timely E-TDS return.

Reimbursement claim processing

We assist in reimbursement claim processing for various organizations whereby the employees are expected both to minimize costs without impairing the efficiency of the entity and to avoid any unnecessary cost to the entity.

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